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Human Resources Consulting Services

Human Resource Management can be complex and time-consuming, which is why you need a partner who understands your needs, and is committed to finding solutions that work for you. At Courtney and Co Business Services, we offer a variety of HR services that are both cost-effective and completely customized for your business.
We provide HR consulting, outsourcing and management services to CEOs, business owners, and senior management to help them address and solve complex Human Resources issues. We use our broad experience to deliver innovative, tailored solutions that align employment practices and people strategy with an organization's business strategy.
Whether you are looking for project-based assistance, have a need for training and development, or want to completely outsource your human resources function, we’ll work with you to develop the best HR plan for your business.

Custom HR Solutions

Whether you need project-based assistance, an on-call HR department, or interim leadership during a time of transition, we’ll work with you to develop the best HR plan for your business.

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HR Management

This human resources solution is customized around your specific needs. From startups that want to outsource the entire HR function, to established organizations that already have a small HR department for the basics, but need assistance with more advanced HR responsibilities, we provide HR solutions and expertise tailored to your business.

We offer clients both on-site and remote support for all human resources matters, including Policy Development and HR Compliance, Compensation Strategies and Administration, Benefit Design, Performance Management Systems and Performance Reviews, Training and Development, Recruiting, On-Boarding and Terminations.



People are the lifeblood of a business and we deliver upon your specific requirements. We have a network highly-skilled, dedicated recruiters, and often match up experienced people with employers that are looking for them. Your business needs a recruiter who understands your goals and can provide the knowledge, processes, and strategies you need to drive your organization forward and ensure you only employ the people who fit best for your organization.

HR Assessment

Human resources departments sometimes struggle.  They are often unable to pinpoint why, or they may not  know how to resolve they issues they are facing. With decades of experience evaluating HR departments across a variety of industries, Courtney and Co Business Services can help you determine what needs to be addressed, and how to best implement changes.

We perform a thorough investigation and analysis of your HR service model, and its impact on your organization.  Then we provide a detailed report with our findings and recommendations to Senior Management and/or the Board of Directors. We don’t just tell you what’s wrong, we give you the tools, road map and expertise to fix it.


Inductions, On-Boarding

You’ve hired the best candidates—now you need to turn them into productive employees quickly. The faster new employees understand their role, the company, and what is expected of them, the happier they’ll be, the better they’ll perform, and the longer they’ll stay. With Courtney & Co, you can engage new employees right from the start and set the stage for success. Our experience ranges from Knight Frank, to Jones Lang Lasalle to DTZ/UGL, Rio Tinto, Fortescue Metals, just to name a few.

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HR Project Work

It can be challenging for even the most efficient in-house HR departments to take on new projects, especially if they are already working at capacity, or if the request is outside their scope or skillset. In these instances, Courtney and Co Business Services can assist your HR department on a per-project basis, with solutions customized around your specific needs.

We can help your company with a variety of Human Resources Projects, including: Creating or Revising an Employee Handbook, Writing or Updating Job

Descriptions, Designing Performance Management Systems, Developing Customized Compensation Strategies and Systems, Employee Relations Investigations and Cultural Assessments.



The continuous training of your employees is vital if you want to make sure that they stay productive workers. When you don’t have time to research training criteria, manuals and print forms, we can conduct your training sessions for you in a professional manner. We can provide you with an obligation-free training plan especially designed for your business, provide all the materials and conduct your training sessions at a time suitable for you and for all your staff.

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