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Who We Are

Courtney and Co is a business management and advisory firm established in 2000. We are a multifaceted venture, the first of its kind to offer a comprehensive collection of business consultation and design services, in compilation with tailored finance, accounting, IT, human resources, marketing, public relations and social media services. Courtney and Co Business Services is an innovative company operating with an extensive global network to bring clients an outstanding full-service experience. We are business architects merging superior service, creative content, and industry expertise with the intention to provide unparalleled service for your business requirements.

Our Clients include;

• Construction

• Architecture

• Environmental Services

• Agriculture 

• Engineering

• Technology

• Law Firms

• Advertising

• Communications

• Non-profit Organizations

​​• Transportation | Automotive

• Family and Individual Businesses

• Financial Services

• Insurance Brokers and Agencies

• Healthcare 

• Hospitality

• Tourism

• Real Estate

• Manufacturing 

• Distribution

• Retail

• Media and Entertainment

• Mining and Resources


Shane has extensive knowledge and experience with accounting, information technology, as well as all general business services. He is constantly seeking out new ways to help his clients accelerate their business and reach their goals.

Managing Director


Gabi Anderson Courtney

Gabi is a Human Resources, Marketing, PR Professional and Social Media specialist with more than 30 years of experience in human resources, project management, business development, digital marketing, public relations and event management. Throughout her career, Gabi has worked with both small and large businesses and held senior level human resource, marketing and PR positions in a variety of industries, such as Manufacturing, Financial Services, Hospitality and Tourism, Entertainment and Media, and Non for Profit Organizations.

Next to her Degree in Human Resource Management, Gabi also holds degrees in Metaphysical Science, Social Media Marketing, and Tourism. She has worked with organizations throughout Australia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Human Resources Director

Marketing, Public Relations,

Social Media Management